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Our solution is simple, easy to use and cost effective. Larger companies are looking for personalized service and a service that is customizable to their specific requirements. Not only can we over you a white label tracking server that you can brand your company logo with but also manage the server yourself. We provide you with top access to see all the back end information that an average client would not be able to view. You have full control from admin to monitoring the fleet with our in-house monitoring overview screen. Now with this solution, we guide you every step of the way. For an extra cost, we can also provide the installation and also the units at market-related prices with full support on all our products and software.

Panic Button

The panic button which is an optional extra can be added and installed with the unit. When you are in a situation that you or your vehicle is under threat, you can press the button.

Knowing your exact location our control room will then contact the closest response team to your location as soon as possible.

Driver Control Tags

Do you want to control your drivers when there is one vehicle amongst multiple operators? Our tagging system can provide just that. Before you can start the vehicle, the drive has to tag on the iButton. When the driver tags to start the vehicle, it allows us to link him to the vehicle.

The system can then identify which driver worked on which days and for which trip. Also, you will be able to see if there is an over speeding on any of the trips and link the charges to the correct driver.

Wireless Panic Button

Similar to a standard panic button. The wireless panic button communicates wirelessly to the system. In this way, the unit can be concealed deeper in the vehicle, and it can be less traceable by a hijacker or car thief. The panic buttons radius is up to 20 meters.

Bureau Services

Our well trained Bureau Staff will assist you with any issue or report. They are trained to look at data from a holistic point of view and to investigate any incident in detail. The device sends up to 3000 data packages a day that comes with all sorts of information, but it is the small things that matter when you look at the detail.

Temperature Sensor

Our temperature sensor is very accurate. It can detect the slightest change in degree Celsius. Whether it is hot or cold, the sensor picks up and immediately alter the readings on the system.

You can add up to four temp sensors to one device. And the sensors can be linked to triggers an event that will alert you. The sensors come in any form, shape and sizes depending on the solution you require.