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ACM Track business is the first and last tracking solution you will ever need. From our advanced platform to our reliable units we offer a variety of simple monitoring to complex solutions. From logistics to supply chain, delivery services to the railway, we have done it all. Provide us the opportunity to create a viable solution for you today.

Live Tracking

ACM Lite Track is a product that allows you to track your vehicle online via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

We provide you with the precise whereabouts of your vehicle and its content. It is always just a couple of clicks away. The reason for this is we use live Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, which means that we can locate your vehicle to an accuracy of within just a few meters.

Locate and Recognise

With our Google mapping license and partnership, we can provide a variety of new and improved solutions from the world's leading company in innovation. This way we stay ahead with our services and technology. Peculiarities like street view, numerous mapping options, direction finding, traffic updates, and location lookup.


Customization is what we do. Not only do we have a standard setup if you chose but we can also set up any notification with any of the inputs that trigger. We know that every client is different and that is why we set up every client with their unique requirements.

Geo-fence and safe zone

By manually activating this function when the vehicle is driving or stationary. When it is enabled, it creates a temporary safe zone around the vehicle to keep a constant watch over it, in the event the vehicle breach the 50-meter radius it generates an alarm immediately our control center. The geofencing tool also gives you the freedom to create permanent zones that you will receive a notification when the vehicle enters or exits an area.

Routing and Scheduling

One of the essentials for any owner is to know whether your fleet remains on the route and keep to the daily schedule. When creating a new route, using our easy step by step wizard, you can either chose to link it manually or use one of the three best-generated routes. In this, the vehicle is forced only to use the preset course. You also have the option to avoid highways and tollgates when generating on the wizard.

The alternative option is to create circular zones around the start and end location, in this way the vehicle may drive any route but with the limitation to arrive at a particular time. The next step is then creating a schedule for the vehicle with the specific way and numerous options. And when you are ready you just activate it in live tracking window, and you have complete control. The system will let you know if there is any delay or issues with the movement of your fleet. In the end, you will save time, fuel and money.

Record and Analyze

At the end of the day why you have Vehicle Tracking is not only to know where your fleet is currently but also to be able to find accurate and detailed reports. The reports at the end of the day should be able to provide you with information to manage the driver's behavior. Using the debrief report you can analyze in detail all the harsh braking, acceleration, Max speeding, Average Speeding, Max RPM, Average RPM, Over speeding and much more.