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Live Tracking

ACM Lite Track is a product that allows you to track your vehicle online via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

We provide you with the precise whereabouts of your vehicle and its content. It is always just a couple of clicks away. The reason for this is we use live Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, which means that we can locate your vehicle to an accuracy of within just a few meters.

Detailed Reports

The tracking device sends about 3000 to 4000 positions daily to the server. That means the unit sends a new package every 30 seconds. With all that information we can generate comprehensive reports that are available at your fingertip. Whether you want to know where your vehicle has been or if you need a SARS reports, we will be able to assist with any information that you require.

Stolen Vehicle

Recovery (SVR)

We all know that it doesn’t matter where you drive you will always feel I little on edge especially if you are alone. And it is not because we live in fear, but it gives you a peace of mind knowing that help is around the corner. With our national and international recovery teams on standby. You can rest assure that help is a phone call away.


Our zoning option called Geofencing allows you to create a parameter around a particular area. Creating a geofence will inform you about whether someone enters or exits that zone. Because the unit is consistently reporting, it will send an immediate notification when it breaches or enters that area.

Trip History

Our detailed history reports provide an accurate snail trail of where your vehicle has been. It shows you the exact time and position with incredible accuracy. Not only will it clearly show the start and finish location but will also indicate speeding with it’s various severities.